Do feel free to call me "XD".

I like intuitive ideas (of course the implementation is always complicated), like Parallel Computing and Random Forest. And holding the same attitude toward my life.

I believe in open source. The feeling that some lines you write can run on machines around the world is fantastic. Currently I'm a committer & PMC member of Apache Airflow project. Some other projects that I'm working on and may interest you:

- Rediseen: A software helping simply & fast create REST-like API service for Redis DB. Written in Go.

- Star Notifier: To receive email notification when someone stars your repository, for free. This service has already been listed on GitHub Marketplace.

- Handy Tools: A service providing tools like calculation HASH, URL or Base64 encoding/decoding, Unix Time conversion, generate QR Code, etc. Built with Go + WebAssembly + Vue.js.

Other than technology, I'm into endurance running and many other interesting stuff. Recently skiing and filming drone videos (my channel).